Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book No. 95.

I'm cheating and I know it.

I was well-aware that Follow the Line was on the upcoming read and it just happens to be one of my collection favorites. I pulled the book early. My son and I have been reading it nightly for the past two weeks. I never get bored with it.

How can you not talk about a book like that, right?

For those new to the (now) series of continuous line stories by Laura Ljungkvist, a line runs nonstop and page-to-page, cover-to-cover, through twists and turns, in loops and outlines of familiar objects. The reader's task, as the title implies, is simply to follow the line. There are "I spy"-type questions along the way, as do accompany any great road trip, and the fact that most readers will follow the line's path by physically tracing it with their finger brings such a high kinesthetic appeal to the book.

It's just amazing. 

In fact, it's inspired me to have students create similar artwork by drawing background prints and, using an expansive length of colorful thread, create a path to follow from one side of the page to the next. Maybe we'll go an extra impressive length and have each of the students' works connect to one another. 

Oh, that's it. It's on now. Keep your eyes peeled on for an upcoming post, assuming I can reprehend enough string.

- Matthew

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