Thursday, March 31, 2016

Welcome to Our 2016 Shelf Challenge

Can I just say how excited I am about the shelf challenge this year?  And I can't wait to see what gems and "lovely books" you guys find in your collections. Here is the shelf that I picked in my library...

And I'll be posting about my first book and our first book giveaway tomorrow on Friday, April 1. In our library and makerspace I partnered with a few of our brilliant makers to design an interactive display to entice our kiddos to participate in the #shelfchallenge. It uses Makey-Makey and a Scratch game to act as a fortune-teller when kids don't know which shelf to pick. 

Supplies needed:
Computer with internet connection
Makey-Makey and lots of alligator clips
Ethernet Cable stripped for at least 6 wires
Cardboard and Aluminum Foil for Pressure Switch or you could just use Play-Doh

How are you going to get your kiddos involved? 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

5 ways to get your kids excited about #shelfchallenge

Why a challenge?

Kids love challenges, and this is one of my favorite ways to see even my best readers step outside their comfort zone. When I taught I challenged my kids to read 40 books in my class, and I was always impressed with the grit and tenacity required to complete such a daunting challenge. And it, well, forces them to read a book outside of their normal genre choice. Seeing a die-hard fantasy reader get super-excited about a historical fiction they would not have picked for their next read.

5 ways to get your kids excited about #shelfchallenge

1.Make it visible and decorate for the occasion.

Have a display of bookmarks and plastic shelfmarkers out in a visible spot. Think about ways to make it interactive and fun for your kiddos to join the challenge.

2. Can you say shelfie? 

If your students can, have the take pictures of themselves with their shelf and then share it with others. Or you could post pictures of students and their shelves and add it to your #shelfchallenge display.  Have students take pics of their favorite books from their shelf and share it with the #shelfchallenge PLN on Twitter or Pin it to our SLM Shelf Challenge Board on Pinterest.

3. Share your reading journey with your students.

Talk about what books you are reading with students. Make announcements about the #shelfchallenge and share your "gems" with the entire school. Invite others to reread books that didn't thrill you as a reader.

4. Become their reading cheerleader.

Give high-fives or fist bumps to your successful shelf readers and check in on their progress as often as you can. A thank you for finding a "gem" can make a kiddos day.

5. Reward participants and finishers.

A certificate would be nice, but ultimately I love to reward readers with more books. Or even bookmarks to commemorate the occasion. And if your budgets allow, pizza is always an option!

How do you get your kiddos excited about #shelfchallenge? 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shelf Challenge 2016 is coming soon, so mark your calendars.

Another year, and once again we are celebrating School Library Month in April with our 2016 Shelf Challenge. 
The Shelf Challenge was started in 2012 by Matthew Winner ( All the Wonders, & The Busy Librarian) as an opportunity to really get to know your collection. In 2015 Colleen Graves (Create, Collaborate, Innovate) took over the Shelf Challenge and this year Kristi Taylor (First Floor Librarian), will be continuing their awesome legacy as we look forward to the Shelf Challenge in April of 2016. 

Here is your quest, if you should choose to complete it:
  • Find a shelf in your collection to read daily throughout the month of April. Your goal may be to read what you really have on those shelves, find some hidden gems, discover weeding material, or just have fun expanding your PLN on Twitter. (Some librarians choose a shelf in Easy Fiction to read cover to cover, some read a section of Fiction, just by actually looking at the cover, inside and reading a blurb from every book on one shelf in Fiction. Or dive into your Graphic Novels.)
  • Sign up for the challenge on the Getting Started Google Form. Attempt reading each book on that shelf for the month of April. Let me know what shelf you are reading and your other info so I can be your shelf challenge cheerleader!
  • Share your finds on social media (See links below.)
  • When you are done, please fill out this Finished with the Challenge Google Form and let our PLN know how you did! 
  • Check out our download page for free posters and bookmarks.
 I'll be blogging and vlogging about my shelf reads here and on my blog First Floor Librarian. I'm a middle school librarian and I'm passionate about creating a space that fosters a love of lifelong reading, creating/making/innovating, and building learners that are future-ready. Follow along as I learn, share, and explore librarianship in it's many forms.

Follow our Pinterest Board. And add to the board, remember to complete the Getting Started Google Form, add your email and we will add you to the group. Happy Pinning!
Tweet it out with our #shelfchallenge hashtag and join our PLN of librarians and makers.

Tweet out our "I'm in on the 2016 #shelfchallenge" banner, and invite your colleagues to join in on the fun.

Tweet: I'm joining the 2016 #shelfchallenge to celebrate #SLM. Are you in?

So, come join us as we explore the depths of our collection by reading one shelf during the month of April.



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