Thursday, March 31, 2016

Welcome to Our 2016 Shelf Challenge

Can I just say how excited I am about the shelf challenge this year?  And I can't wait to see what gems and "lovely books" you guys find in your collections. Here is the shelf that I picked in my library...

And I'll be posting about my first book and our first book giveaway tomorrow on Friday, April 1. In our library and makerspace I partnered with a few of our brilliant makers to design an interactive display to entice our kiddos to participate in the #shelfchallenge. It uses Makey-Makey and a Scratch game to act as a fortune-teller when kids don't know which shelf to pick. 

Supplies needed:
Computer with internet connection
Makey-Makey and lots of alligator clips
Ethernet Cable stripped for at least 6 wires
Cardboard and Aluminum Foil for Pressure Switch or you could just use Play-Doh

How are you going to get your kiddos involved? 

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