Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book No. 66.

It's the publishers job to pair the right illustrator with a given author's story. It's so much their job, in fact, the authors have little or no input on the matter. This makes sense for a lot of reasons, but flops for this particular title.

The late Dirk Zimmer offers up his classic creepy characters, but the story is more about the wonder sold by a traveling merchant, the doubt of a single onlooker, the resulting betrayal of the entire village for the merchant, and the eventual, although ill-timed, renewal of the villagers' hope in the merchant's goods.
Zimmer's characters look more scheming, as if of Addams family descent.

They just don't match up and that's too bad. The story is actually pretty great and the illustrations, in my opinion, could probably be really successful if they found a new home.

For now, I think we've found a weeding candidate.

- Matthew

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