Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book No. 10.

The 90's had some ridiculous trends, but as an 11-year-old with a budding interest in comics thanks to the X-Men cartoon,  I can vouch that the coolest was the novelty use of holograms. Twenty years later, I'm not sure they have the same effect.

The Haunted Castle doesn't hold much literary merit, but it does boast "six spooky holograms" (one is actually repeated). A realtor takes a family on tour of a house presumed to be haunted, only to discover the likes of mummies, monsters, and a skeleton in the bathtub still clutching his rubber ducky. He is horrified. They fall in love with the house. The story concludes with a dead pan line: "This house is perfect. Why, it's the house of our nightmares!"
Collectible X-Men hologram cards from the 1992 Marvel Universe collection. 

If it weren't for the holograms, I'd say this book would be a prime candidate for weeding. But for now, it looks like the 90's turn out on top once again.

- Matthew

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