Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 9. Who's in the Hall?

Book 44.
I'll tell you who's in the hall and the path my brain had to follow before we finally discovered the truth.

Okay. The babysitter has left the kids in the apartment alone for a few minutes. No big deal.

Wait a second, who's knocking at the door? And if it's not the janitor, but the person says he's the janitor and that he's here to repair the sink, but the kids don't recognize the person and their babysitter says that she never told a janitor that they're sink wasn't working.... just WHO is at this door that could even remotely be appropriate for a children's picture book that isn't already on the guidance counselor's shelf and written into a thousand stranger danger and kidnapping books?!

Oh, wait. It actually is the janitor and there just seems to have been a mix-up between this apartment and another one on the bottom floor with kids that undergo near identical circumstances. 

I felt more than a little creeped out.

Yeah. That's putting it lightly.

- Matthew

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