Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 18. Mr. George Baker

Book 78.
Books with prominent senior characters are speaking to me this Shelf Challenge. Today's read, another title by Amy Hest and an exciting discovery to happen upon another illustrative work by Jon J. Muth, a personal favorite, is about a young boy and his elderly next door neighbor. These cross-generational stories are so powerful, if nothing else than for the wisdom the eldest has to offer to those younger. It's a delicate role that, I feel, takes a special author in order to effectively communicate.

Needless to say, I am quickly learning that Amy Hest is one such author.

Here, an older man meets his grade school-age neighbor as they wait for the bus to arrive. There are so many examples of good character exhibited in the character of Mr. George Baker, and allowing us, the readers, to simply enjoy the story and absorb all of those qualities is a gift in an of itself.

I am never surprised to read such outstanding literature and discover Muth's name ascribed. He seems to have a keen sense for quality.

- Matthew

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