Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 17. The Crack-of-Dawn Walkers

Book 76.
In The Crack-of-Dawn Walkers a young girl wakes early in order to join her grandfather on his morning walk for fresh onion rolls and a cup of coffee. She wants nothing but to have Grandfather all to herself and she relishes every moment of their time together. Of course, she cannot help comparing the experience she and her grandfather are having with those outings Grandfather takes with her older brother.

The beauty and simplicity of the story perfectly capture the childhood feeling of wanting to live in a moment forever and to be as special to someone as they are to you. But what I connect with most deeply is the undercurrent of wanting to absorb every single word and breath and sense of the experience so that it never has to end.

That, I feel like, is the moment we're always chasing with those we love most of all.

- Matthew

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