Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 7. Seven Brave Women

Book 43.
Tracing one's family lineage can reveal some interesting truths, the most memorable, of course, being those with an element of wonder or amazement. But in Seven Brave Women, Betsy Hearne reminds us that we need only look so far as the circumstances in which our ancestors lived to understand the great things each accomplished. Those who refused to abandon their beliefs, families, or passions despite society's influence demonstrate a bravery tangible to readers.

I was moved.

What surprised me most though, even now, is that I was the first to break this book's spine. It's got a copyright from 1997. Is it possible it's remained in our collection for nearly 15 years (and nearly 5 library media specialists) without ever being read by a child?

We'll have to change that.

- Matthew 

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