Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 20. The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

Book 72.
I couldn't avoid writing about The Country Bunny, just as I couldn't avoid reading it from cover to cover. Written in 1939, this tale "as told to Jenifer" reveals the five Easter bunnies charged with delivering baskets of eggs throughout the world for Easter. When one is too aged to continue, a replacement must be selected. And in the case of this story, a certain country bunny who has raised 21 children to be independent and responsible, proves her worth in the candidacy despite presuppositions.

I'd love to think either of my grandmothers would have read this (or have it read to them) as young girls and I'd love to know their responses. Here, a country bunny raises 21 children alone and, against all odds, trains the children to be independent and responsible for all of the house upkeep. Meanwhile, mother rises against the odds to become the next Easter bunny and even earns herself a coveted set of gold shoes.

A single bunny mother is fully capable of raising well-mannered, well-adjusted children.

A single bunny mother can achieve and excel at work outside the house.

The experience of being a single bunny mother and raising children on your own affords the individual a certain set of skills that prove invaluable outside the home.

This book feels ahead of its time.

- Matthew

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