Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2 of 30. All the Colors of the Earth

Book 9.
Hamanaka's All the Colors of the Earth was simultaneously a new read and an old friend for me. This love poem to the people of the earth sings of the beauty of our differences and the majesty of our very skin. It's amazing, and it's a poem I feel would serve our school well to learn. And when children and adults alike spoke the poem, I would hope they feel the words the same way I did and I do.

...because our children really do buzz with laughter that kisses the very ground we walk on.

...because they really do buzz with sunlight that dances free and happily like butterflies.

It just makes you feel so thankful to look in their eyes and to see our future.

"Children buzz with laughter that kisses our land, 
With sunlight like butterflies happy and free,
Children come in all the colors
of the earth and sky and sea."

- Matthew

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