Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14. Julius, the Baby of the World

Book 65.
I love the concept behind this book: rejection of a new sibling is only permitted by the old sibling and is to be considered outright rude from outside party members. Lilly's parents pour on the love when baby Julius is born, but Lilly is hard to adjust. In fact, she tries everything imaginable to get rid of (or at least antagonize) Julius. Her veracity and commitment matches that of her parent's in their attempts to continue to show love to Lilly. But when a cousin insults Julius using the same harsh criticisms Lilly once used, big sister finally draws the line.

It makes me wish I had an older sibling.

...and it makes me hope I was (am) a good big brother.

- Matthew

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  1. Just finished submitting my shelf challenge survey and saw this title in the archive list and had to read your post. I LOVE this book! Henkes has such a great writing style and structure to his stories. His picture books with Lilly are such a joy to read aloud, the way he lays things out, repeating phrases... it's just perfect. We have a set of his books at home and I read them over and over and over and over (you get the idea) to my daughter and we never get tired of them.

    Like Lilly, I'm the oldest in my family and while my two little sisters may drive me crazy sometimes, nobody else better ever say a bad thing about them when I'm around! : )



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