Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's almost time for Shelf Challenge 2015

2015 Shelf Challenge Logo (1)
It's almost time for the SLM Shelf Challenge of 2015!
Matthew Winner (aka The Busy Librarian) started the Shelf Challenge in 2012 as an opportunity to check out what is REALLY on your school library shelves during the month of April. 
This year he's passed the torch to me, and I can't wait to travel on this journey.
It's a simple quest really:
  • Find a shelf in your collection to read daily throughout the month of April. Your goal may be to read what you really have on those shelves, find some hidden gems, discover weeding material, or just have fun expanding your PLN on Twitter. (Some librarians choose a shelf in Easy Fiction to read cover to cover, some read a section of Fiction, just by actually looking at the cover, inside and reading a blurb from every book on one shelf in Fiction. The choice is yours!)
  • Sign up for the challenge on this Google Form. Attempt reading each book on that shelf for the month of April. Let me know what shelf you are reading and your other info so I can be your shelf challenge cheerleader!
  • Share your finds on social media (See links below.)
  • When you are done, please fill out this Google Form and let our PLN know how you did! 
All the links- join up with your favorite social media!
The blog: I'll be blogging about my shelf reads here and other library adventures on my blog Create Collaborate Innovate.  Last year, I read through a lonely shelf in my fiction section and found all sorts of amazingly bad 80s book covers. This year, I've chosen a shelf in graphic novels I'd love to get to know and I'm going to try and post about each read every day!
The Pinterest: Join our Pinterest board and add your favs and your "I can't believe I haven't weeded this..." books:
The Twitter: Tweet it out with our #shelfchallenge hashtag.
Embed the Canva: Edit the logo, make it your own, and put it on your blog:

The Instagram: For all of the #librariesofinstagram, use the #shelfchallenge hashtag and I'll "re-gram" your post on my lamar_library Instagram account!

NEW! Bookmarks for Students (Made by my awesome student aide!)
Let's get reading!

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  1. Ok Ok I cheated. I started early. I said I was going to read the easy 'a' shelf. I will finish that today. I guess for April I will do the easy 'b' shelf. Along with reading the books I am marking the 7 habits for Happy kids in them. My school teaches The Leader In Me and are often looking for books covering the 7 habits. I am having a great time with this exercise.



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