Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book No. 55.

Books have come a long way since 1991... and thank goodness! I'm thankful for the few books I've come across earlier in the challenge like The Raft and Saturdays and Teacakes for reminding us that grandparents have a lot to offer.

For books about senior citizens being a little bit bat crazy, we turn to Mrs. Medley.

The story's ridiculous thought I understand the appeal: a boy visits his grandmother's house and they plan to spend an afternoon at the beach. She grabs towels for the beach but no sooner do they get out the door then Mrs. Medley suggests they go back for an umbrella... and then some games... and then a folding table... and chairs... and a wagon... and a tape deck and cassettes... and various musical instruments. And after no less than four trips to and from the house, each time getting progressively closer to the beach, the grandson finally demands they get to the shore. At the beach Mrs. Medley abandons all of the tagalongs to dip her feet in the ocean. Her grandson can't understand why they lugged all the items all the way to the beach if only see them go unused. And then the story ends with them chuckling over not forgetting to bring the piano and several other unnecessary items for their next beach visit.

I'm sure the kids would roll their eyes any number of times in this story, but they'd probably also get a sense that the elderly tend to be a little senile and irrational.

No exactly the message we want to send, right?

But then again, this was 1991.

- Matthew

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