Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book No. 105.

A misshelved book is sometimes a really great thing, especially when it's a book like Being a Pig is Nice!

This is one of my favorite reads and I forgot that it's in our "L" section (but I now won't soon forget author Sally Lloyd-James). This child's-eye view of manners has a girl listing all of the animals which she would rather be on account of their socially acceptable misbehavior (that is, we would consider it rude, but it's second-nature in the animal world).

Don't like being clean? Why not be a PIG!

Always told to pick up the pace? Why not try out life as a SNAIL!

Can't resist splashing and squirting others whenever near a water source? You should be an ELEPHANT!

The story goes on and on with increasing silliness and delight.

Definitely a perfect pick for teachers to use at the beginning of the year when establishing class rules. Or just before winter break, when class behavior becomes unruly. Or maybe even just when you need a good laugh. 

Or two. 

Ot tons!

- Matthew

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