Monday, April 9, 2012

Book No. 35.


An Undone Fairy Tale by Ian Lendler is a book I've seen in our collection a hundred times. I've put it on display on our shelves and have even recommended it to kids looking for a funny fairy tale book. And yet, I have never read this book. Unacceptable, right?!

I've read the dust jacket description, but I had no idea this story was so hilarious... so outrageous... so unexpected... so downright ridiculous.

Here's a quick premise: Ned (the painter seen on the cover) is still working on the illustrations as you pick up the book to read it. A portly man interjects throughout the story of Sir Wilbur's attempt to save a princess, only to tell you that the illustrations are incomplete and proceeding to the next page will mean Ned will have to find a replacement object for his unfinished work. Knights in armor become knights in tutus. A king's crown becomes a donut. Mighty steeds are swapped for giant goldfish. And this is all within the first few pages of the story.

I can easily see this read aloud turning into a comedic event rivaled only by the likes of books such as Kevin O'Malley's Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude or Mo Willems' We are In a Book!

Glad this book found me.

- Matthew

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