Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book No. 30.

Happy School Library Month, National Poetry Month, and, let's not forget, Mathematics Awareness Month.

I hadn't read this title before, but I know Leedy, like Stuary Murphy, is a go-to for quality math books. As the title implies, a frog and a lizard compete for who can complete the best graph. Each encounters a different set of data and chooses the right graph for the job. It's certainly not a subtle message, but I think it's no less effective. And since it's housed in our Everybody section (and not the 520's), it's definitely one I'll keep in mind for our classroom teachers.

Now there's a math-worthy idea! ...of all the books I read in this "L" section, how many are incorrectly classified? And from there, how many can I estimate are misclassified in the remainder of the Everybody section?

- Matthew


  1. So, will you re-catalog or leave it in your everybody section? We don't have that one. I'll put in on my last Follett order for the year, thanks!

    1. I'll probably just leave it where it is. I tend to prefer math books to be in with the rest of the Everybody titles when they're intended as read alouds (that way they're more likely to be checked out). It's tagged as math (graphs) in the OPAC, so it's something we can locate through the CIRC if need be.

      If you don't have other Leedy books they're definitely worth the investment!



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