Saturday, March 23, 2013

About the 2013 Shelf Challenge.

Welcome to the 2013 Shelf Challenge, an opportunity to explore what's really on your bookshelves and hopefully come out with a couple of treasures along the way.

Joining up is easy! Just follow these steps:
  • Select a section of your library collection to read throughout the month of April. 
    • Make it manageable and appealing. (I'm planning to read the all of the "H" books in our everybody section, which will include Henkes and maybe some other unexpected favorites.)
  • Try to read every book in that section over the course of the month. 
    • For everybody books, read them cover to cover. For fiction, read the dust jackets or back cover descriptions. For Nonfiction/Informational, choose a section of Dewey and go nuts.
  • Share selected gems (and cringes) through a favorite social media outlet, such as ShelfariGoodReads, or through your blog or Twitter feed (use #shelfchallenge to connect with others).
  • Complete this Google Doc so that I can keep track of our participants and cheer you on throughout School Library Month!
Happy Reading!

- Matthew


  1. This is exactly why I took 15 years and read all the fiction books in my school library! There were bad books too numerous to list, but I was pleasantly surprised by Parnassus on Wheels and kept it, even though it only gets checked out once every three years or so!

    1. Ms. Yingling, You are a library champion! I started the shelf challenge as a way to hold myself accountable for that very thing (reading/knowing every book in my collection). So glad you can testify to the great advantages!

  2. I so wish I had discovered this before it was already over! What a great idea. I think I will challenge the librarians in my district to participate in this challenge at the beginning of the school year!



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