Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 3: Chi's Sweet Home

I have to tell you that this year's #shelfchallenge is such a different experience for me than last year! I'm having so much fun!

Last year, I started from the beginning in fiction, and I kept pulling out bad 80's cover after bad 80's cover.

I ended up pulling so many "oldies" with bad covers, that my students started to notice.  We started laughing and poking fun at these old books.  Soon, we had a full "mean girl" circle and we tested each book by seeing how many checkouts it had in the last ten years.  Although it seemed mean spirited, we had a blast at the expense of our old books!  It even sent me on a weeding extravaganza for the rest of the year and prompted me to write a grant titled "We are not your grandma's library, but her books are still here!" (Thanks again to @valibrarian for this grant title!)

At the beginning of this school year, I decided to focus some of that grant money on my graphic novel collection.  My super awesome Mackin Rep, Tuan Nguyen, recommended some awesome manga and graphic novels for my middle school. So when it came time to choose a shelf for the #shelfchallenge, there was really only one way to go!

I'm loving reading all these graphic novels and today's collection almost shot me over the moon with

Chi's Sweet Home series is a sappy, sweet, serial about an adorable lost kitten that finds a new home with a super awesome family (although they aren't supposed to have pets in their apartment.) This manga took me back to my anime obsession circa 1996. It is over the top cute, expressive, and just plain adorable.

It's a great MG lit Manga for elementary or middle. Honestly, with as much as some people love cats, you could probably still carry it in your high school.

My daughters love it so much, we even found the tv series online and started watching it.  Tuan, you might've just made Chi our household favorite anime!

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  1. YES!!! I LOVE this series! So glad you're taking on graphic novels and ESPECIALLY that you got to meet Chi!



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